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Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics

At a glance

At a glance

Brush up your career opportunities with this specialised advanced-level course, and put a smile on people's faces every day as a dental prosthetist.

  • Registered Dental Prosthetist
  • Health Practitioner

HED004 Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics

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Course overview

Course overview

Brush up your career opportunities with this specialised advanced-level course, and put a smile on people's faces every day as a dental prosthetist. Dental prosthetists work independently to provide complete and partial dentures, dental appliances, and mouth-guards to the public. This course is suitable for both students wanting to take their existing oral health qualification to the next level, and students with no prior dental experiencing wanting to forge a new career path with a clinical qualification.

Learn to issue, maintain and examine dental prosthetics, insert and try-in dentures, take impressions, and undertake production and technical work. This is a highly technical course, with units providing broad and coherent knowledge in pathophysiology, pharmacology, radiology, and clinical skills. At TAFE Queensland, our knowledgable industry experts will be there to help you every step of the way, with one-on-one support, and the real-world experience required to see you job-ready.

Successful completion of this course will prepare you to seek employment as a registered dental prosthetist. This course also provides a stepping stone to further study.


The successful achievement of this qualification requires you to complete all units from the list below.  You will also be required to undertake Clinical Practice Placement in an approved setting.

Year 1 Semester 1
Dental Technology 1 Credit Points: 10
Introduction to Removable Prosthetics Theory Credit Points: 10
Anatomy and Histology for the Dental Prosthetist Credit Points: 10
Project-Case Study/Literature Review Credit Points: 10
Year 1 Semester 2
Dental Materials Credit Points: 10
Oral Pathology Credit Points: 10
Dental Technology 2 Credit Points: 10
Infection Control Credit Points: 10
Year 2 Semester 1
Advanced Removable Prosthodontics Theory Credit Points: 10
Pre-Clinical Prosthetic Practices Credit Points: 10
Pre-Clinical Prosthetics Theory Credit Points: 10
Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for the Dental Prosthetist Credit Points: 10
Year 2 Semester 2
Implant Retained Prosthodontics Credit Points: 10
Prosthetic Clinical Skills 1 Credit Points: 10
Clinical Prosthetics Theory 1 Credit Points: 10
Radiology Credit Points: 10
Year 3 Semester 1
Prosthetic Clinical Skills 2 Credit Points: 20
Clinical Prosthetics Theory 2 Credit Points: 10
Dental Practice Management Credit Points: 10
Year 3 Semester 2
Advanced Prosthetic Clinical Skills Credit Points: 20
Law, Ethics and Professional Responsibility Credit Points: 10
Oral Health Systems and Social Justice Credit Points: 10


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Ways to study

Ways to study

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University pathways

If you want to go on to further study at university, TAFE Queensland has a pathway option to get you there. In many cases, completing one of our diplomas may give you a full year of credit towards a degree with one of our partner universities.

Learn more about university pathways
  • James Cook University
  • Southern Cross University
  • University of Canberra
  • Griffith University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of Southern Queensland
Payment options

Payment options

No matter what your circumstances, TAFE Queensland has a payment option to suit you. If you are unsure of what's right for you, get in touch. We're here to help.

Money IconUpfront payment

This is the total amount you need to pay when you enrol. This may be the full fee for the course, or the student contribution amount if you are eligible for a subsidy or concession.

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Money IconFee Help

FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that covers the cost of your tuition fees on your behalf.

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Money IconPayment plan

If you have difficulty paying for the full cost of a course upfront, you may be eligible for a payment plan.

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Money IconInternational Student Payment

Our preferred payment method is telegraphic transfer or credit card using Western Union Global Pay for Students. Western Union allows you to complete your payment in your own currency using a telegraphic transfer with no processing fees or delays. 
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Important Information
Important Information

Important Information

Entry requirements

The following information outlines the minimum entry requirements for all admission into this course. Prospective students should be aware of the admission and ongoing enrolment requirements for their course.

All applicants

To commence the Bachelor of Dental Prosthetics course students should have satisfactory completion of recent year 12 (secondary education) in an Australian school system or overseas equivalent. All non-school-leaver applicants must have relevant work experience or qualification that indicates likely success of course completion. Non-school leavers can be applicants such as those with higher education, vocational education and training study or those with relevant work and life experience. Learn more

It is highly recommended that applicants have Physics, Chemistry or Biology with a minimum of Sound Achievement.

Manual dexterity
A high degree of manual dexterity is required for success as a Dental Prosthetist.

Applicants who identify with having a disability or impairment that may detrimentally affect, or is likely to detrimentally affect, their capacity to practice, must self-identify to comply with requirements of the Dental Board of Australia:  

English Language Proficiency Standards:

  • PTE: Minimum overall score of 58 and a minimum score of 58 in each of the four communicative skills
  • IELTS:  6.5 (no individual band less than 6.0)
  • ISLPR:3+ or better in all four skills
  • TOEFL: PBT: 79 (13 reading, 12 listening, 18 speaking, 21 writing)
  • OET: pass at “C” level in each of four components

Learn more about TAFE Queensland’s English Language Equivalencies.

Please note that Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) does not satisfy English Language proficiency for this qualification.

Selection criteria

What type of Applicant are you?
Admission to all TAFE Queensland higher education courses is on a competitive basis, taking into account all relevant qualifications and experience.

The type of applicant you are will determine the selection criteria TAFE Queensland considers when assessing your individual application. Learn More

Students should be a minimum of 18 years of age. Student visa applicants under the age of 18 will be accepted where they demonstrate that they will be accompanied by a parent, legal custodian or a suitable relative who is aged 21 or over. This arrangement requires the approval of the Department of Home Affairs.  For more information visit Department of Home Affairs - Welfare Requirements for Student Visa Applicants under 18.


Clinical Practice Placement
During your course you will be required to complete clinical practice so you can start using and improving your new skills and knowledge in a real-world environment. You’ll be required to undertake patient contact and consultation within the TAFE Queensland Dental Clinic which is open to the public. Our clinic provides an opportunity for you to work hands-on with real paying clients.

Clinical practice is conducted as part of your units of study within the course, and you will be expected to provide your completed immunisation status in order to undertake your clinical practice (for further information refer to the Need to Know section.

Resources required

It is recommended that you have access to a reliable internet connection to access TAFE Queensland's online learning system Connect, and a computer with up-to-date software, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player. This equipment and software is available for use at all TAFE Queensland locations.

You will be provided with a recommended reading list and/or required textbooks during orientation or at the start of each unit. The purchase of these resources may incur additional costs, or you may be able to borrow them from the TAFE Queensland library network. You will also need to have access to a Dental Toolkit, Articulators and 3D face bow (approximately $2,150). Further information will be provided during orientation.

Printing costs

For more information about costs for printing please refer to the printing section of the TAFE Queensland Library network website.

Need to know

TAFE Queensland follows the transparency requirements related to Infectious Disease status; Immunisation status and Criminal history checks for its students as outlined by the Dental Board of Australia and AHPRA.

These transparency requirements are embedded within the registration requirements for dental practitioners or those seeking to become registered in the dental profession. Please see Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2010) and  Australian Dental Association Guidelines for Infection Control  and the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on Infection Control  for more information.

Individual information session
Part of the Higher Education enrolment process at TAFE Queensland is the attendance at an individual information session.  The individual information session process provides you with information about being a dental prosthetist and will enable you to make an informed decision about your ability to successfully complete the course and comply with the industry board requirements for registration and practice in the private and public sector before embarking on the course.  

In the individual information session, you will be informed about the academic calendar, time commitments, and other demands the course will place upon you, so you can make an informed decision about your enrolment at TAFE Queensland.  

Basic Key Skills Builder
Successful applicants enrolling into the first semester are required to undergo diagnostic testing through the Basic Key Skills Builder  platform. This testing is delivered by TAFE Queensland.  

This process identifies knowledge gaps in mathematics and English language competencies. This is followed by referring students to remedial classes as required.     

Criminal History check
During your enrolment at TAFE Queensland you may be required to provide TAFE Queensland with updated Criminal History Checks. If your police check identifies that you have a criminal history you may be disqualified from being eligible to undertake your clinical assessment, which would affect your course outcomes. If you think this might impact you, please speak to the course coordinator for further information.   For further information see AHPRA.

First Aid and CPR
You must obtain a first aid certificate (HLTAID003) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (HLTAID001) certificate before commencement of Year 2.  You will not be able to continue your enrolment in the Course without providing evidence of attainment of those certificates. CPR re-certification is also recommended before commencement of Year 3. Please note: you will be responsible for any costs associated with meeting these requirements.

Immunisation and Vaccination
TAFE Queensland  has  a  duty  of  care  to  its  students,  staff  and  patients  to  prevent the transmission of disease. Due  to  Workplace  Health  and  Safety,  it is mandatory  that all students are  up  to  date  with  their  immunisations  in  order  to  minimise  illness from communicable diseases and infections. TAFE Queensland follows the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on Infection Control , Australian Dental Association: Infection Control and the Queensland Health Policy on student placements.

These guidelines require students placed in Clinical practice environments, to provide evidence they have been vaccinated for the vaccine preventable diseases or documentary evidence they are not susceptible to these diseases, prior to any such placement.  Please note: you will be responsible for any costs associated with meeting these requirements.

It is a condition of your ongoing clinical practice to supply documentary evidence of follow up vaccinations and boosters for the following:

Required immunisations

  • Tetanus and Whooping cough (pertussis)
  • Hepatitis B

Recommended immunisations

  • Seasonal influenza
  • Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox)
  • MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

Please note: Hepatitis B vaccination - a course of injections takes approximately six (6) months to complete and if applicants have not had Hepatitis B vaccinations, they must begin the process prior to commencing clinical work in the denture clinic.

You will be required to provide a copy of your serology report as evidence of sero-conversion to Hepatitis B surface antigen (anti-HBsAg). Please contact your General Practitioner to arrange a referral for a blood test. Students will not be able to commence their Clinical practice requirements unless they have provided the required evidence as specified above.

Appropriate forms
You are able to download current forms and guides here, to take to your treating medical practitioner.

Reference: Vaccination requirements: Information for education provider student placement supervisors

Disability or Impairment
TAFE Queensland has requirements to provide access to student support services and to promote and foster a safe environment on campus and online for its students, staff and the public. Students with a disability or impairment that detrimentally affects, or is likely to detrimentally affect, their capacity to practice must self-identify to comply with requirements of the Dental Board of Australia:   For students please see AHPRA Registration and for prospective prosthetist please see Dental Board Registration.  

Dental Board of Australia Requirements
Graduates of this course will be eligible to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia via the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency subject to meeting any additional requirements that may be stipulated by the Dental Board of Australia.

For further information, see the Dental English Language Skills Registration Standard on the Dental Board of Australia website Learn more

For initial registration as a dental practitioner or student you will be required to make a declaration that you are aware of your infection status for blood borne viruses and that you will comply with the Communicable Diseases Network Australia’s Australian National Guidelines for the Management of Health Care Workers known to be infected with Blood-Borne Viruses and with the requirements of the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on infection control. Learn more Dental Board Registration.  

Blood-borne viruses (BBVs) include Hepatitis B (HBV), Hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency (HIV) viruses. These viruses are transmitted by blood-to-blood contact or, in some instances, with bodily fluids contacting blood or mucosa.

Student Profile
The student profile is a snapshot of data about all students who commenced undergraduate study in the most recent semester intake, including applicants offered in all offer rounds across all campuses and international students.  

A student profile is provided for TAFE Queensland as a whole as well as for each of our undergraduate courses. The student profile shows the number of students admitted to the institution/course, along with their life and education experiences Learn More

Assessment Methods

Skill and knowledge assessments are an essential step in progressing through your course. You may be assessed in a number of ways while you are studying at TAFE Queensland, including observation, written assessment, questioning, portfolios, work samples, third-party feedback, and through recognition of prior learning. Read more about assessment methods.


All information was accurate at time of publication, however TAFE policies, tuition fees and course content is subject to change without notice. Course commencement is dependent on sufficient enrolment numbers. Timetable information is subject to change prior to commencement and/or during the duration of your course.

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How to apply

How to apply

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and credit transfers

Fast track your way to a formal qualification by earning credit for the things you already know. Getting recognition for the skills you've gained from the workplace or previous learning means less study time for you, and getting the paper to prove you're qualified a whole lot sooner. We can assess your skills, directly apply credits from previous successful study, and give you advanced standing in your course.

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University pathways

If you want to go on to further study at university, TAFE Queensland has a pathway option to get you there. In many cases, completing one of our diplomas may give you a full year of credit towards a degree with one of our partner universities.

Learn more about university pathways
  • James Cook University
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Canberra
  • Griffith University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of Southern Queensland