TAFE Queensland provides a range of services to help support Veterans re-enter the workforce after leaving the Defence Force. There are a range of funding options that ex-Defence Force staff may be eligible for that will reduce the costs of their studies. Veterans also have free access to Jobseeker Officers and Career and Training Assessments through the Back to Work program.

Concession fees

Ex-Defence Force personnel who hold a Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) card may be eligible for concession fees on approved or subsidised TAFE Queensland courses. Persons listed on an eligible DVA card, including a Veteran's spouse or dependants, may also be able to access concession fees. This means that Veterans and their dependants may be able to retrain or upgrade their existing skill sets through TAFE Queensland at a significantly reduced cost.

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Funding options

There are a number of funding options that Ex-Defence Force personnel may qualify for, regardless of whether they already hold a prior qualification, including Certificate 3 Guarantee and the Higher Level Skills subsidy.

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Back to Work program

Through the Back to Work program Veterans can access Jobseeker Officers, Career and Training Assessments, and may be eligible for Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost funding.


Jobseeker Officers

Jobseeker Officers are based within TAFE Queensland and support jobseekers to identify and connect with training and skills development. Jobseeker Officers provide independent advice on career and training opportunities, help jobseekers determine their individual skills, and recommend appropriate services and support.


Career and training assessment

Jobseeker Officers can undertake Career and Training Assessments which assess an individual’s eligibility for subsidised training and recommend a training pathway that aligns with an appropriate employment opportunity.


Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost funding

As part of a Career and Training Assessment, Jobseeker Officers have the ability to give eligible individuals access to Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost funding. Back to Work Jobseeker Officers will assess a jobseeker’s existing qualifications, potential training needs and refer individuals to a subsidised training opportunity if applicable.

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