The Volunteers and Events Training Program has been developed to provide free training and study tours for volunteer and paid event organisers in disaster-affected communities. The aim of the program is to provide skills and build resilience, with a focus on helping the tourism industry to recover and prepare for the future.
Road to recovery

In early 2019 North Queensland experienced record-breaking flooding that devastated infrastructure, businesses, and residents. While the flooding had a severe immediate impact, the full effects of the disaster are set to affect individuals and industry for years to come. 

Previously a major contributor to the regional economy, the local tourism industry has reported a significant downturn following the disaster, leaving many residents without work or income.


Volunteers and Events Training Program

The program is funded by the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and includes the following initiatives.



Twelve scholarships of $5,000 each have been provided for residents of 39 eligible Local Government Areas towards studying one of six courses from Semester 1, 2020.

Applications for the current round of scholarships have now closed.


Training program

A bespoke training program has been created by TAFE Queensland to help paid and unpaid tourism event workers build their customer service, resilience and partnership skills.

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Study tours

Two study tours involving 15 participants are planned to enable tourism industry workers to attend a major event to learn from leaders in hospitality and tourism across the state.


Training program

The training program is designed to help paid and unpaid volunteers and event organisers build event support skills to create and deliver events. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the initial training has been moved online, with some face-to-face delivery offered in the future

The program covers three core topics.



The orientation module provides participants with information on their role in volunteering as well as a foundation in site safety and induction processes.



The resilience module provides an introduction to resilience concepts and a range of practical tips on how it can be established and supported.



The leadership module introduces a range of leadership styles and provides advice on how leadership can be applied in a team context.


Get started today

If you're ready to get your events career back on track then register for the Volunteers and Events Training Program today. This training opportunity is free of charge for residents of the 39 eligible Local Government Areas affected by the 2019 Monsoonal Trough. 

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